NEW HAVEN-Confundrum

  The pre-room environment at Confundrum was great—from the walls of team signatures to spacious lobby. The staff are always so welcoming and friendly. Having done all of their rooms up until their release of New Haven, I must say that this warm interaction is always present at Confundrum.  NOTE: My group played New Haven […]

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MAYZE: The Truth of Osaka High

After multiple recommendations to pay Mayze a visit, I slipped back into my high school uniform and ventured the halls of Osaka High late last night. The staff and facility were great and, even better, a $5 Facebook check-in discount; so bring those phones. I found this room the perfect balance of creepy. The setting […]

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I finally got to try out “Canada’s Scariest Escape Room”. After waiting months in anticipation, I found a slot that wasn’t booked yet at Nowayout. My point: this place is always booked, especially Friday and Saturday nights. Prior to actually doing the room myself, some “little birdies” told me that it was borderline horrifying. The […]

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How my mind works…

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.44.03 AM

In depth…

Aesthetic= room quality (visual only); did it fit the theme?

Experience= immersion, live actor experience (if applicable), overall enjoyment

Puzzle design= diversity and originality of puzzles, tech puzzle review (if applicable)


Happy escaping,



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Full Plate

So, school happened in the midst of me trying to start up this blog. Good news: I did another escape room tonight in Mississauga, so more review content!! Bad news: I’m too exhausted to write the review at midnight, so it will have to wait ’til tomorrow. Reviews coming your way soon,   MB  

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First post…ahh so exciting!

So, after many months of contemplation, here it is. I’ve finally started a blog on my absolute FAVOURITE thing to do: Escape Rooms. I’ve done multiple rooms (probably more than my bank account will allow) and thought I would share my knowledge on the wonderful world of escaping with you. I guess it’s pretty typical […]

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